who we are

Our mission is the eradication of the Veteran suicide epidemic plaguing our nation’s warriors through a Mind, Body, and Spirit approach.  We believe in “Serving Those Who Served Us.”

Since 2011 we have held events including the LKN Navy SEAL Swim, Warrior Grind, Masquerade Ball, and more to help support veterans battling PTSD & CRS.

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Our success stories…

  • “I not only restored my relationship with Jesus but I realized that there is a purpose to my life.”

    Brad United States Army, 101st Airborne (ret.) 2014 "Drop Zone" Alumni
  • “I am changing my ways and walking side by side with Jesus Christ. I am not afraid to profess this. I do not fear the responses to it. If the responses are negative, I cast them aside. I Get Up!”

    Kevin AW1 Kevin J. Trainor (ret) Combat search and rescue swimmer
  • “I completed the 5 day program. All I can say is thank you. This program saved my life, as well as, the men who attended alongside me. They are forever my brothers in this walk on earth. I love them all. We are still very much in touch.”


what we’ve accomplished so far

With your help and donations we’ve had an impact on thousands of veterans lives, below we break it down by the numbers.

LKN Swims Completed
Total Swimmers
Total donation amount over 5 years
Total number of veterans lives impacted

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