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Serving Those Who Served Us

Every day, approximately 22 former and Active Duty U.S. service personnel commit suicide as a result of the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and CRS (Combat Related Stress).  This is more than we lose in actual combat.  And… THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

It is our Mission to help veterans and their families “at all cost” live a more fulfilled life and eradicate the veteran suicide epidemic, period.   We focus on healing through a Mind, Body and Spirit approach.   To accomplish this, we will focus on those three tenets.

Mind – We will cover the cost of acquisition and the training of Service Dogs, through HomeFront K9, for veterans.  Dogs work, there is no doubt that the unconditional love of a dog helps in so many ways.  We have seen it over and over, and any dog lover/owner can also attest to this special bond.

Body – We partner with other programs and other organizations that retro fit homes for physically disabled veterans.

Spirit – We have worked with several different organizations that help our warriors through the darknesss of combat and emotional stress and back into the light.  The unseen moral heart wounds can be the most devastating and since we cannot see them from the outside, can go undetected until its too late.  Veterans helping Veterans bring light into those dark spaces of the heart, it works.

The LKN SEAL Swim was created to be a solution and to help raise awareness and funds to send our Veterans through these groundbreaking programs.  Every year our influence grows along with number of people that we have helped together as a community that loves our Veterans.  But we need your help to continue to support our brave warriors with our service partners.

Please check out our donor page for information on the event, how to donate, volunteer opportunities or to swim in our community or competitive legs of the event.

our fantastic team

  • Shannon Rusch
    Shannon Rusch Swimmer/U.S. Navy SEAL
  • Rich Graham
    Rich Graham Swimmer/U.S. Navy SEAL
  • Larry Burchett
    Larry Burchett Swimmer/U.S. Navy SEAL/UDT (ret.)
  • Mike Barber
    Mike Barber Swimmer/U.S. Navy SEAL
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