What is a Life Worth?

Each year we need your support to continue helping our brothers and sisters.  It costs thousands to assist some of the veterans we do through the training and acquisition of service dogs, physical therapy, spiritual counseling and more.  BUT, there is never a cost to those who we serve.  It is VERY important to note that no one associated with SEAL Swim Charities draws a salary or stipend of any kind.  We simply serve those who have served us.   That is our Mission.   Because of this and our attention to maintaining rigid cost controls on our operating expenses better than 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to helping our veterans.

When the idea of the LKN SEAL Swim was born, Shannon Rusch,(Navy SEAL Veteran) and creator of this event) stated … “If we save even one life, then it was all worth the effort.”  Over the years we have accomplished so much and its been absolutely amazing!  BUT… there is still so much to be done and so many lives yet to touch and save.  You CAN help us to make a difference in these Warriors’ lives.

Below is information on how to donate, volunteer opportunities and even participate in our community swim.

DONATE – Whether as an individual or a business/corporation we have plenty of opportunities and welcome your support at any level.  The easiest way to do this is through PayPal, see above, please contact us about your specific needs.

VOLUNTEER – As our event has grown so too have the opportunities and the NEED for others to dedicate their time and support to our Warriors.  Click on our contact page to volunteer.

SWIM/KAYAK/PADDLEBOARD – Our competitive legs provide an opportunity for you to compete or just swim with our Navy SEALs and support our Warriors by raising money for SEAL Swim Charities and our service partners.  The community swim is a 1 mile swim/kayak/paddleboard.  In order to participate in this element of the event, participants are asked to raise $75.00 for SEAL Swim Charities and obviously be fit to complete the distance whether swimming/kayaking/paddle boarding and clear a pre-swim screening.  Click HERE for more information and/or to register.

If you need additional information, please contact Shannon Rusch, mobile – 843-619-8000 / email – rusch66@gmail.com.

For a copy of our IRS Designation Letter for SEAL Swim Charities, please click on the PDF below.

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