Join the SEALs in our Community Swim

We are expanding the swim this year to include kayakers and paddle boarders to join in the fun.  All participants will launch in heats, 1st heat kayak, 2nd heat paddleboard, 3rd heat swimmers going out to the 1/2 mile mark and then returning to the starting point on shore. 

All participants are required to raise a minimum of $75.00 for “SEAL Swim Charities” and be physically capable of swimming/kayaking/paddle boarding the distance.   Swim assists such as fins, goggles, masks, and/or snorkels are absolutely fine.  

Each heat (swim/kayak/paddleboard) will be a race, to compete in the swim the only gear allowed will be goggles.  I REPEAT TO COMPETE IN THE SWIM THE ONLY GEAR ALLOWED IS GOGGLES.

We want everyone to be comfortable, compete, and have a great time.  Public safety vessels will be on hand as escorts and in addition to our SEALs, we will have Navy Combat Search and Rescue Swimmers and life guards in the water to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you have a swim team or club that would like to participate as a group we welcome you, but keep in mind that each swimmer is required to raise $75.00 and complete the documents below.

Below are several documents that each swimmer will need to provide prior to the swim.  We ask that all interested swimmers to fill these out and bring them on the morning of the swim.

Thanks and we hope to see you in the water!


10:00 am – Volunteers arrive/setup.

11:00 am – Registration at Tropicana Sports Bar on Catawba starts for swimmers/kayakers/paddleboarders (bring waiver and medical release with you). Safety brief.

12:00 noon – Shuttle departs to launch point.

12:15 pm – Heats start – 1st kayak, 2nd paddleboards, 3rd swimmers.

1:15 pm – Return to Tropicana.

1:30 pm – Presentation of Colors.

1:35 pm – National Anthem by Isabella Mancebo

1:4o pm – Invocation

1:45 pm – Registration for Chili Throw Down, Corn hole & Beer pong tournaments.

2:00 pm – Live music with Logan Moore, Throw down, and Tournaments commence.

4:00 pm – Announcement of winners (swim/kayak/paddleboard heats) Chili Throw Down, Corn hole,  Beer pong, and Silent auction winners.

4:15 pm – Live auction starts.

5:00 pm – Shutting it down.

Swim Release and Waiver

Liability release and waiver.  Please bring this document with you to check-in.

Swimmer Medical Pre-screen

This document lets us know if you have an existing medical condition that would preclude you from participating and/or lets our public safety staff know of any emergency protocol that may be required.

Please make sure that this document is returned to us no later than June, 2018 and bring the hard copy with you to check-in.

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